Monday, 31 December 2012

Free Crochet Gecko Pattern

After a long break from publishing patterns I've finally had some time in between my many projects to write up a pattern. I've been creating patterns over the last 18 months but have not had time to write them up properly to publish. But all that will now change and I'll hopefully make a bit more time for publishing in 2013 - watch this space!

I thought I would start with my Gecko crochet pattern. I've written it in both UK & US terminology. The UK version is below, and the link for the downloadable US version can be found at the bottom of the page.
If you notice any errors or something doesn't make sense, please let me know and I'll amend the pattern.

Gecko by Ellie Skene

6mm Safety Eyes
4mm crochet hook
Toy Stuffing
Yarn in colour and weight of your choice (I used Double Knit Acrylic Yarn)

Inc – increase – 2 dc into the dc of the previous row
Dec – decrease – crochet 2 dc together
1dc – stitch 1 double crochet into the double crochet of the previous row
2dc – stitch 1 double crochet into each of the next 2 double crochets of the previous row

Pattern (UK Version)

Head & Body

The head and body are worked continuously in the round. Use a stitch marker to keep track of your rounds.
1          6 dc into Magic Circle (or 2nd chain from hook if you prefer to start with 2 ch)
2          Inc, 1dc – 3 times (9)
3          1dc, Inc, 1dc - 3 times (12)
4          1dc into each dc of previous row (12)
5          1dc, Inc - 6 times (18)
6-8       1dc into each dc of previous row (18)
9          Dec, 1 dc – 6 times (12)
10        1dc into each dc of previous row (12)
* Add safety eyes at this stage between rows 5 and 6
11        Inc, 3 dc – 3 times (15)
12-13   1dc into each dc of previous row (15)
14        2dc, Inc, 2 dc – 3 times (18)
15-16   1dc into each dc of previous row (18)
* Lightly stuff the head
17        1dc, Inc, 1dc - 6 times (24)
18-19   1dc into each dc of previous row (24)
20        3dc, Dec, 3dc – 3 times (21)
21        1dc into each dc of previous row (21)
22        Dec, 5dc – 3 times (18)
23        1dc into each dc of previous row (18)
24        2dc, Dec, 2dc – 3 times (15)
25        1dc into each dc of previous row (15)
* Stuff body
26        Dec, 3dc – 3 times (12)
27-29   1dc into each dc of previous row (12)
30        1dc, Dec, 1dc – 3 times (9)
31-33   1dc into each dc of previous row (9)
* Stuff rest of body
Continuing to do 1dc in each dc of previous row, decrease every 10 stitches until you reach 5dc left, fasten off and sew end of tail closed.

Legs – Make 4
Chain 6, in 2nd chain from hook 1 dc in each chain until end (5) (this is the leg)
Ch 4, in 2nd chain from hook 1 slip stitch in each chain until back at the leg, slip stitch into last chain (3) (this is the first toe) – Repeat this 3 more times = 4 toes
1 dc in each chain on opposite side (5)
Fasten off. Fold leg in half lengthways and sew together. Attach to underside of body.

Variations – For spotted gecko, crochet a series of small circles (either 6dc or 12 dc) in a contrasting colour and sew on.

© 2012 Ellie Skene. All rights reserved. This pattern is the original work of Ellie Skene.

If you have any problems with this pattern, or notice any errors, please contact me either through Cosy-A-Go-Go, Ravelry or via email to:

You are free to share, copy, distribute and publish pictures of any geckos you make. You may not sell or claim this pattern as your own. You may, however, share the pattern freely, but please respect my rights and give me credit as the designer. A link to my blog would be appreciated.

You are free to make and sell geckos made from this pattern, provided you do not mass-produce the items made.


  1. Very cute pattern. Question though.

    Found in the PDF from Ravelry (US):

    "26 Dec, 3sc – 3 times (12)
    27-29 1sc into each sc of previous row (15)"

    How do we get from 12 sts to 15?

  2. Oh coolie dudes Ellie! Just finished my stole so this cute little fella going on the hook. You are due another coffee me thinks . . .


  3. I have just used this great pattern, and posted a picture of my geko with a link to this page here:
    Thank you!

  4. Thank you for this pattern - geckos are my favourite - I can't wait to try this pattern (I found it via a link on Pinterest)!

  5. Hi, i'd like to know what is the size of these geckos ?

  6. Thank you for this great pattern and the permission to translate it :)
    All German "crochet girls" will love it...

  7. Thank you for tis lovely pattern. I have made it en you can see it on:

  8. Dear Elli,

    Looking at the picture of the gecko it seems to be made with single crochet, but the pattern says to make it with double
    Which one is right? Thank you

    1. This is in UK terms... In UK they say DC which is SC in US terms.

  9. I love this little gecko and just made one for my granddaughter. I didn't quite understand the very last bit. How do I decrease every 10 stitches when there are only 9 in the round? Should I ignore the start of the round and just count stitches? Thank you for sharing this pattern and for any help you might offer.

    1. I got confused on that too. I just kept spiraling my round and decreased every time i counted to 10...instil i only had 5 stitches left.